A multi-cam live studio in your pocket

Free while in beta


Record live video through the Loki app

Recordphone xl min Streamfeed xl Statsv2 xl Stats xl min

No setup required

All you need is the app

Broadcast Together

See the status of your 'co-broadcasters'

Stay Informed

Track real-time view & score counts

Host a Loki

A Loki is an event broadcasted from multiple points of view

Name Your Loki

Make sure your title is relevant to the event you are covering

Name xl min
Golive xl min

Go Live

Once you go live, your Loki becomes discoverable, your subscribers are notified, and a geo-fence is formed around you


Lokis are Joinable

A multi-camera production in seconds

Host xl min Golive2 xl Join xl min

Join Other Broadcasters

Access all joinable Lokis through the broadcast center

Unlimited Broadcasters

There is no limit to the number of cameras/people that can join

Map2 xl min Map3 xl min

Multi-Angle Magic

Watch experiences from multiple points of view


Multiple Angles

All angles of a single Loki are synced automatically for live and on-demand video playback.

Limitless Experience

With no limit on the number of cameras, Lokis can be watched in countless ways. Broadcasters control the cameras. Viewers control the experience.

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